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About FosterBuilt Coffee

Have you ever walked into a gallery, and felt like the artwork on the walls was inaccessible or pretentious or maybe just trying too hard? Oh, and the receptionist was annoyed that you interrupted their life by merely being there? There were more than a few New York City coffee shops running a similar dysfunctional-yet-successful business model back in 2011. I'm no coffee scientist, but I know what I like and it doesn't have to be complicated to be excellent. As a matter of fact, the simpler and fresher, the better. That's why I started FosterBuilt Coffee. We source a single origin bean, roast it to a medium dark color that works across all forms of brewing. Always consistent. Always fresh. Always delicious.

After researching espresso machines and home-roasting for a bit, I started experimenting with a tiny countertop roaster. The yield was so small that I could barely serve my friends, but I was hooked on the roaster to cup process. Despite the fact that it smoked out the whole kitchen, I learned in those one-pound roasts to listen for the crackling sound precisely when it went from a medium to a medium-dark. With an eye for expansion, I found a kit to convert an old barbecue into a larger fire-roasting setup with a rotisserie and a metal basket inside. I cherished keeping the process simple, keeping it consistent. Productivity went up to 12 lbs per roast. I began to supply local stores. It became nonstop roasting.

Finally, with this sort of junkyard barbecue as my prototype, I built a 40 lb roaster out of a 55 gallon drum and an old horse-racing carriage which I still use today. (See the video) Restaurants and shops order 10 to 20 lbs at a time, so I'm able to knock out 2 or 3 orders in a single roast and have it on their shelves the next day. Just keeping it simple and consistent seems to work. Come for a visit and see the whole backyard operation. There's really not much to it, but we'd love to have you by.


FosterBuilt Coffee Available In Stores:

Catskill Outpost - Stamford, NY - Main Street Market, Livingston Manor, NY - Home Goods, Margaretteville, NY - Good Cheap Foods, Delhi, NY - Hamden General, Hamden, NY - FosterBuilt Headquarters, Bovina, NY